Smart Micro Grid Agriculture Automation

Despite the fact that farming may appear to be a straightforward procedure, many farmers nonetheless find that they spend more time in their fields than with their families at home.

The good news is that GR8 TEK Smart Farm automation technology allows farmers to spend less time working on the farm and more time with their loved ones.

The implementation of automation in the farming sector has been steadily increasing. To make their work production simpler, and more effective, and to obtain more output out of their labor, more and more farmers are adding automation technologies into their daily chores.

Making indoor plants grow lush with our full spectrum SMRT LED+ indoor grow lights is what we do.

Unfortunately, other LED lights on the market that are being used emit unnecessary heat wavelengths that do harm to the plant and your budget. Regular LED lights don’t emit enough of the light that plants require. Plant growth primarily requires red & blue light, which our patented LED grow lights are designed to maximize. What is so unique about SMRT LED+ is our light spectrum is deeper and more vibrant than anything in the market. This is because our patented LED board microprocessor board operates efficiently on 5V of power; however once configured in our 6×6 cluster it only draws 85W while producing 36,000 Lumens with a color temperature of 7,000 Kelvins generating 420 PPF, 91 PAR, and 1,776 PPFD, modular and scalable, World’s only non-ballast, non-heat developing Powerful, FULL SPECTRUM lighting solution.

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We feel so humbled to be able to help our local community increase their micro-greens and organics production with our low-voltage efficient SMRT LED+ while simultaneously significantly lowering their utility costs.  Offering a much more cost-effective product that’s net zero carbon emission and can help take a load off the grid, speaks volumes about how proud we are to be an American Manufacturer for the hydroponic and Organic growers with the highest quality as our IoT devices are designed, manufactured and assembled in California.  Our SMRT LED+ X5P microprocessor enables the strip to be fully app controlled and can make managing your environment easy remotely and provide full control of your indoor farming.  We also offer customizable LED strips by daisy chaining as many of the X5E as needed to achieve the coverage you need.  We offer 2 lines of UVA for both better growth and for optical disinfection to completely eliminate the need for pesticides as our SMRT LED+ germicidal UVA can sanitize and disinfect all vegetation safely from pests.

Benefits of UVA Light

Harnessing the power of the sun indoors while maximizing your yield and harvest. GR8 TEK provides a smart lighting platform, and smart IoT devices to increase the health and growth of plants with our SMRT LED+.  Our smart low-voltage LED system automatically switches between visible light and UVA grow LED lights and even provides optical disinfection and saves you thousands of dollars. Growers can mimic natural conditions using UVA light to trick indoor domesticated plants into reacting as if they were still wild.

  1. UVA Light Reduces the Impact of Pests. 
    Plants are not static. Plants take in information from their environment and react. For example, certain UV wavelengths trigger plants to release defensive compounds to repel pests and alert other plants that predators are nearby. The defensive compounds make the plant less desirable to pests but enhance the taste, color, and THC and CBD concentrations. Essentially, a grower can “trick” a plant into becoming more aromatic and flavorful by using UVA light. Some studies also indicate that a combination of UV-B and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) can trigger greater concentrations of defense compounds – including in older plant leaves. These increased concentrations deter whitefly and thrips, which are particularly pernicious pests that favor older plants.
  2. Increase THC potency
    When a person is exposed to UVA light, they develop a tan that is a natural shield from UV exposure. Similarly, plants release their own version of natural sunscreen. Cannabis produces higher densities of trichomes that shield the plant from UVA light and store THC and CBD. Therefore, the increased density of trichomes also increases THC and CBD density.
  3. Speed up the Germination Process
    UVA light also accelerates the germination process – i.e., when seeds take to the soil. Growers can prepare plants for high-intensity light by shifting seedlings to more intense light sources. UVA exposure in the early stages of growth reduces shock time which speeds up the growth process.

Why use UVA lighting when growing Cannabis:

Ultraviolet light causes the production of resin, and with it THC and CBD, in order to protect the marijuana plant from harmful UV rays. Thus, adding UVA light to LED grow lights results in an increase in THC in the resulting buds.  Indeed we are bringing technology to light.

There is no question that at its core, UVA light is harmful to plants. But harming plants, actually causes them to develop protective mechanisms that make them stronger going forward.

With weed, this results in an increase in THC and CBD. For this reason, feeding your marijuana plants low levels of supplemental UVA light will actually help them and generally result in better crops, as is the case with cannabis.

We are proud to be an all-American team, everything we build is made in the U.S.A.



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