Why Get a SMRT LED+ Indoor Grow Light?

Our goal is to provide our community with a more cost-effective and energy-efficient way of growing micro-greens and organics with our custom light intensity, direction, photoperiod, and spectral composition which play an essential role in the growth and phytochemical expression of all photosynthetic plants with our SMRT LED+ grow LEDs. Our SMRT LED+ X6 single strip of 41″ inches, only consumes 17W of power while producing 6,000 Lumens with a color temperature of 10,000 Kelvins generating 296PPFD and 15 PAR of light with app-controlled brightness, intensity, and full-spectrum color.

Indeed, our platform does more than the common building automation tasks, it helps to protect building occupants against germs with germicidal optical disinfection hit the news. Similar to many GR8 TEK proprietary IoT devices, motion sensors are built in so no additional motion hubs are needed as we pass the savings to our end users.

World’s first SMART Ultraviolet LED Sanitizer: SMRT LED Ultraviolet Automated Germicidal Optical Disinfection. Our unique LED UV sanitization can be deactivated as you approach the device while it disinfects virus mutations and variants from your items placed under it.

Automate the Growth and Sanitization of your plants

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GR8 TEK provides an affordable smart automation platform that anyone can easily install under a minute as a DIY.  It manufactures battery-operated low voltage award-winning all-American smart IoT devices for everyone’s safety, comfort, and peace of mind.  Our low-voltage SMART LED system automatically switches between visible light and UV optical disinfection light based on motion.

Harnessing the power of the sun indoors while maximizing your yield and harvest. GR8 TEK provides a smart lighting platform, and smart IoT devices to increase the health and growth of plants with our SMRT LED.  Our smart low-voltage LED system automatically switches between visible light and UV grow LED lights and even provides optical disinfection and saves you thousands of dollars.

With the current global pandemic, everyone’s highest priority is to have a reliable way to ensure clean and viable living conditions. Great Home Tek rose to the occasion of the current and future pandemic challenge by offering UV Optical disinfection SMRT LED system not only to industrial and professional medical customers but the majority of consumers an effective, safe, and non-chemical approach to the problem of battling harmful microscopic pathogens.

In order to address the fears and hygiene needs of the vast majority of the approximately 140 million households in the US, Canada, and Mexico.   We intend to focus on the residential customer or small offices who are also doing work from home and appreciate our portable UV Modules that can sanitize their laptop, cell phones, keys, and personal items in order to provide germ-free living spaces, workspaces, with economical, effective and easy to install germicidal solution.

Micro Green Vertical Farming

GR8TEK SMRT LED+ lights are an excellent choice for indoor microgreen farming and power management automation due to their superior energy efficiency and cost savings. These lights only use 14w of power to operate, which is significantly less than traditional lighting systems. Additionally, they achieve over 10,000 kelvins color temperature without a ballast, providing bright and efficient lighting for your plants. With their advanced power management automation, these lights offer unparalleled control and customization, allowing you to optimize your plant growth while minimizing energy waste. Overall, the GR8TEK SMRT LED+ lights are a smart and efficient solution for indoor micro-green farming. We’ve seen spectacular responses from micro greens with our deep rich color spectrum that mimics the sun’s color spectrum triggering their circadian rhythms to react and grow even more. Using less power from the SMRT LED+ Indoor Grow Lights you’re getting more light, more lumens, more savings, and carbon neutrality in the process.

Our experienced team of GR8TEK is ready to share its knowledge on power management and automation in vertical farming.

  • Optical Disinfection [UVA]
  • Agriculture Scheduler
  • Hardware and automation
  • Power Efficiency Management
  • Crop assortment, seeds, growth recipes
  • Go-to-market and Business Development
  • Organic data, BIO, and labeling

Build your Virtual Micro Grid to start your business planning.

SMRT LED+ System Features

GR8TEK SMRT LED+ System Features the ultimate power management automation solution. This system offers a wide range of features that make it the best option available. With the ability to provide data growth analysis and a variety of growth cycle recipes, this system can ensure optimal plant growth and yield. The Smart Cloud Vault also prioritizes security with data and facilities, so users can rest assured that their data is safe and secure. Additionally, the battery backup solution ensures that the system remains operational during power outages, eliminating any downtime. Overall, GR8TEK SMRT LED+ Smart Cloud Vault provides a comprehensive power management automation solution that is secure, reliable, and easy to use, making it the best option for anyone looking to optimize their indoor farming operation.

When it comes to designing a new model or doing a major renovation to improve your indoor farm, lighting is always one of the most essential aspects of the design. The form factor of the lights and the location of the lights determine what you can really accomplish to enhance the living space. The SMRT LED+ motion sensors are ideal for places where normal light bulbs, cans, or fixtures won’t fit, rather utilizing SMRT LED+ can save the day and completely transform a space into an exotic gorgeous living space where you can switch lighting colors or brightness.

SMRT LED+ multi-color along with the snapping technology both to the aluminum rails as well as to each LED extender unit gives the average farmer the ultimate flexibility.

Our dual forward-facing long-range motion detects lights have decoupled the switch from the light, as you approach the light it turns on.  Once they’re turned on, they will remain on until there is no further motion detected and they automatically turn off. Rather than having motion detectors positioned within the same plane as the LEDs, which may lead to difficulty in detecting motion from any meaningful distance and one would have to literally swing their arms under the light before it detects motion, our motion sensors are forward facing toward the user.  Our motion detectors are more effective as they’re positioned perpendicularly to the LEDs, as most lights are facing either downwards or upwards depending on the users’ use case which cannot detect users approaching, our dual forward-facing motion sensors are facing toward an approaching user and can detect motion from 15′ to 20′ away from any direction as we have a 360-degree field of view.
Our SMRT LED+ X5P & X5E can easily change colors to emit RED or BLUE thereby providing a lighting environment most conducive to a particular preference of the user based on the best spectrum for your specific plant. Change the color of your LEDs anytime from anywhere.

Vibrant Individual Color Spectrum Control

You may be wondering why GR8TEK stands out in a market filled with similar products. While we offer a range of unique features, the most significant advantage of our lighting system is its expandability. Unlike most companies that impose limits on how far you can extend their main unit, our system can be extended as long as you need, saving you a considerable amount of money. Furthermore, our system eliminates the inconvenience and potential safety hazards of looking for a switch in the dark as it can be turned on remotely. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals dealing with arthritis or difficulty with motor functions that make it challenging to walk to a light switch and flip it. Overall, GR8-TEK offers a lighting system that is flexible, convenient, and accessible to all.