SMRT LED+ Indoor Grow Lights

Our goal is to provide our community with a more cost-effective and energy-efficient way of growing micro-greens and organics with our grow lights for indoor farming  intensity, direction, photoperiod, and spectral composition which play an essential role in the growth and phytochemical expression of all photosynthetic plants with our SMRT LED+ indoor plant grow lights. Our SMRT LED+ 6 mod single strip of 41″ inches, only consumes 17W of power while producing 6,000 Lumens with a color temperature of  7,500 Kelvins generating 296PPFD and 15 PAR of light with app-controlled brightness, intensity, and full-spectrum color.
Indeed, our platform does more than the common building automation tasks, it helps to protect building occupants against germs with germicidal optical disinfection hit the news. Similar to many GR8 TEK proprietary IoT devices, motion sensors are built in so no additional motion hubs are needed as we pass the savings to our end users.
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